Recruit ex-Forces Directors and Managers
“The service provided by Heyman Woodworth was extremely efficient and the advice given highly accurate.”


When clients talk to us about a potential new assignment, we'll spend time making sure we understand what is wanted and needed before we recommend the way ahead. The basic question that we ask of all our clients is: “What are you expecting to achieve by making this appointment?” Once we understand that, we can start thinking about the role and the qualities needed to succeed.

We take the trouble to get to know our candidates. Everyone has their own set of values and priorities for career decisions, so it is vitally important to take these into account when considering a person’s suitability for a particular role or a new career path.

Our skill is in finding candidates who can deliver success in ways that exceed the expectations of the client. Measures of success will vary and will not always be clearly articulated or easily measured. Our ‘involved business partner’ approach means that we will understand the implications of ambiguities that others might ignore or neglect.

For clients seeking to deepen their pool of leadership talent, our approach and our focus is ideal. If you are looking to recruit individuals who really can make a difference – people who expect to solve problems as well as implement solutions – then you should be talking to us.

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