Recruit ex-Forces Directors and Managers
“My meeting with you has been invaluable in helping to clarify several key issues for me to consider.”


A successful appointment is about far more than finding someone who meets the criteria of a person specification. The real benefit of our involved, business partner, approach is that we are able to provide people who will deliver success to the organisation.

As a result of our emphasis on relationships, candidates are comfortable talking to us about their aspirations and concerns. Because we take the trouble to understand the background and the context for an appointment, we are able to act as informed ambassadors for your business, promoting your identity while assessing the real suitability of candidates. Our two principal consultants are ex-Servicemen who between them have now spent more time recruiting in the commercial world than serving in the Armed Forces; we do understand the business we are in.

If you appoint the right person, you can expect them to grow and evolve with your organisation over time. The role in which they start will be the basis for a sustained contribution to your success over a number of years. In finding you the candidates most suitable for the role and the company, we expect to deliver:

  • strong cultural and personal ‘fit’ in candidates
  • lateral thinking in developing innovative solutions
  • market intelligence and advice on additional resourcing issues
  • promotion of your corporate values, identity and ‘brand’ to candidates who are involved in the process

The majority of our candidates have spent at least part of their career in the Armed Forces. Many have subsequently developed successful careers in management in commercial organisations, so now offer an excellent combination of qualities and attributes. We understand how powerful it can be to combine current business management skills with the background of a well educated and well trained 'ex-Services' individual; we also understand the questions that many companies have when considering employing ex-Forces men and women at any level.

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