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Just browsing for information? Interested in keeping in touch with the job market? Starting to think about options for the future? This site is for those looking to recruit, or be recruited, for a new role. It also provides a focal point for the ex-Forces leaver and or the large numbers of ex-Forces movers who are happy with their present employment but who might, at some future point, want to consider enhancing their careers.

In keeping with our overall approach, we expect to develop long term relationships with people. Dialogue with us is not dependent on relevance for a specific assignment; transactions matter but as individual events they need to be set in the larger context of career and other interests.

The links on this site are designed to help you find relevant information. Our articles and news items may stimulate you to think afresh about a particular career or employment-related issue. Our extensive network provides you with access to facts or advice that will assist you in reviewing your current and future career.

If you are having difficulty finding the specific information you need, or would like our advice on a particular matter, contact us.

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