Recruit ex-Forces Directors and Managers
“The service provided by Heyman Woodworth was extremely efficient and the advice given highly accurate.”

How it works

Some of you will have dealt with many different recruitment firms, some with very few. Whatever the case, you will have views about what to expect.

With us, it's personal. You'll soon discover that we are interestingly different in our approach – constructive challenge to help you refine your thinking, an alternative view to suggest some different career possibilities, advice and support in helping you to decide on your next role. We'd like to be the ones to introduce you to the ideal career opportunity, but we can't guarantee to do that straight away.

We do guarantee that we are prepared to talk to you. Dialogue makes the difference and you will always have access to a consultant. We expect to invest time in getting to know you as an individual, so that when we are considering you in relation to a specific role we can quickly focus on relevant matters and points of concern. We won't try to pressurise you, but instead to inform and support you in making decisions about your future.

We are individuals with our own experiences. We started our careers in the Forces and have subsequently gained extensive experience as recruitment consultants. We understand the issues from several perspectives so we are able to offer constructive advice to individuals about a range of recruitment and resoucing issues.

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