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2nd February 11 - Winning in Uncertain Times

1st January 09 - Ex-Forces Recruitment Consultancy that IS different for 2009

On behalf of the team at Heyman Woodworth, we would like to take this opportunity to send you our warmest wishes for the New Year.

Resourcefulness Matters
The events of recent months have certainly changed the climate for recruitment.  As in previous economic downturns a fall in volume has been accompanied by a shift of emphasis.  While the headlines are full of news of redundancies and headcount freezes, the underlying reality is that in spite of a net outflow of people, a limited amount of external recruitment is still continuing in many organisations.   Requirements relate to vital roles - where business success is directly linked to having exactly the right person in place.  Now, more than ever, each individual has to contribute.  It is not enough to be an efficient deliverer as the need is for resourceful, versatile individuals with the capacity to identify new solutions and the ability to take sound decisions in difficult circumstances. 

Focus  on Finding the Right People
Recruitment in this climate is an excellent opportunity to raise benchmark quality.  The identification, attraction and recruitment of talented individuals, often with rare skill sets, is not straightforward and calls for highly effective recruitment.  However, we are aware of feedback from several companies indicating that apparently sophisticated recruitment processes do not always deliver all the predicted benefits.  Evidently some systems are operated and measured in ways that result in impressive numbers of average candidates, but few - if any - individuals capable of delivering exceptional performance.

A Differentiated Approach
This is therefore a good time to remind you about Heyman Woodworth and Cardinal Resourcing – as we provide recruitment consultancy that IS different.  We don’t pretend to be the universal answer to all executive recruitment needs, but we are extremely effective niche consultants with a reputation for producing effective and successful candidates. 

We are often valued for adding an extra dimension to our clients’ external recruitment activity.  We believe this is due to the combination of our approach, with an emphasis on business partnerships that extend well beyond recruitment transactions, our differentiated referral networks and our access to a large pool of capable, high-quality, candidates.  We don’t deal in volume, but our approach means we can often succeed in filling ‘one-off’ or ‘difficult’ managerial and executive roles where some other recruitment firms might struggle. 

We focus on the ability to deliver outputs, moving beyond the sometimes narrow confines of role and person specifications.  As a result, we are able to introduce candidates who, by working in ways that the client organisation will consider appropriate and suitable, do get things done, do make things happen, and do make a difference to overall performance. 

Moving Forwards
We look forward to keeping in touch and – we hope – working with you during 2009.  In a rapidly evolving world no organisation ever benefits from standing still and we are confident that we can find the people who can help you move forwards in these demanding times. 

Happy New Year!

John & David

26th October 08 - Support the Poppy Appeal 2008

Here at Heyman Woodworth we are fully supporting the 2008 Poppy Appeal.   We will be wearing the poppy with pride and taking part in Poppy Appeal - related events.  We even have a long standing poppy collector and local organiser amongst us so we will be making every effort to ensure that the Poppy Appeal keeps on growing.

1st September 08 - The Help for Heros Rugby Challenge - Saturday 20th September

The Legends of Rugby will turn out at Twickenham in a unique show of support for Help for Heroes and the extraordinary men and women of our Armed Forces.

31st July 08 - More interest in ex-Forces talent ...

With businesses in all sectors experiencing ever more competitive markets, coupled in many cases with increasingly challenging economic conditions, there has never been a greater requirement for organisations to ensure that every role and every person is being used to best effect. The pressures to produce results and exceed targets go on increasing as timescales continue to get shorter.

Here at Heyman Woodworth, we are happy to report that businesses continue to seek out and recruit directors and managers who can be relied upon to deliver successful outcomes, to lead and to manage effectively, and to find innovative ways through difficult and complex problems. Across all sectors the requirements are for versatile, adaptable, high capability individuals with strength and depth in both leadership and management skills. However, the high capability and potential must be seen to come at low risk. It is not enough to have the skills and capabilities to succeed in a role - an organisation will also need to believe that 'success' will be achieved and delivered consistently in ways that are appropriate for the style and culture of the business. A competitive recruitment process (and almost all of them are) will always consider risk as well as return when assessing what candidates have to offer, so a real appreciation of context is vital in comparing achievements, and a well-developed understanding of 'what it takes to achieve results around here' will be an important consideration for both candidates and employers.

As you know, our work spreads across several sectors and covers a range of executive and managerial roles - as well as a smaller number of non-executive appointments. The events of recent months have again confirmed that committed and capable individuals, who have spent at least part of their career in the Forces, are often well-regarded by employers. The challenge comes in ensuring that there is a proper understanding of transferable skills and an appreciation of the true relevance of an individual's experience, both military and commercial, to the opportunity being considered.

At Heyman Woodworth we continue to develop our relationships with client companies and with individuals. We are always keen to keep in touch, so that we can understand how situations are evolving and be aware of potential future developments. It helps us to know if you are happily settled or starting to think about what might come next, so don't wait until there is an urgent need to move on before you bring us up to date. Please do send us a short e-mail with updated contact details so that we know where you are.  Naturally, we will also be delighted to hear from you, or your colleagues, if you are looking to recruit additional people.

1st June 08 - Royal Navy v The Army Cricket Match at Lord's

Tuesday 29th July 2008 - Lord's Cricket Ground

1st April 08 - Army Navy Rugby Match

Saturday 3rd May 2008 - Twickenham Stadium 

1st February 08 - Always good to talk ...

As we rapidly move through the first quarter of this year, amongst new surroundings in Dartmouth Street, we continue to refine our approach to recruitment consultancy.

17th December 07 - Seasons Greetings

On behalf of the Heyman Woodworth Team, we would like to send you Seasons Greetings and Warm Wishes for the forthcoming New Year.

The recent move to Dartmouth Street came towards the end of a busy year for Heyman Woodworth.  We are now fully settled into our new offices and continue to refine our approach to recruitment consultancy, in line with the evolving requirements of the ex-forces mover and the service leaver in the ever changing job market.     

Next year you will see further developments of our business and the way in which we work.  These will include:

•    Further enhancements to the website.
•    Regular articles and news bulletins.  Perhaps even the odd blog!
•    Development of the Cardinal Resourcing brand.

Whatever your situation, please continue to keep in touch with us during 2008.  It doesn’t matter if you are actively interested in recruiting, or in being recruited.  We really do value all of your updates whether to say you are thoroughly enjoying your job and have no intention of moving; that you might be looking; or ‘find me something new’.  We are of course always delighted to receive messages to say that you need more ex-forces movers and leavers to join your team.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Best Wishes, John & David

1st October 07 - New offices in St James's Park

We have recently moved into better appointed offices.  Our lease in Palace Street, Victoria expired and we wanted room to be able to expand, so a move became inevitable.  We are still located in the heart of Westminster but can now be found in Dartmouth Street, St James's Park.

11th July 07 - JP Morgan Chase Challenge Completed by Heyman Woodworth Team

The Heyman Woodworth four man team burned up the 5.6km (3.5mile) Battersea Park course in a team time of 2hours and 5 seconds.

5th July 07 - Commitment to Supporting BLESMA

BLESMA [British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association] is a National Charity for Limbless and Ex-Service Men and women, their dependants and Widows. The Association promotes the welfare of Ex-Service individuals from any branch of her Majesty's Forces or Auxiliary Forces.

2nd July 07 - JP Morgan Chase Challenge has Heyman Woodworth Legs

2007 marks the 31st annual running of the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. This is the World’s largest corporate road race series that hosts over 200,000 runners from over 7,000 companies at events in 12 cities in six countries on five continents.

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