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Policies and Procedures

Our approach is based on the values that underpin our business – openness, respect, integrity and trust. The way we interact with others is of fundamental importance to us. The policies and procedures summarised here address several key issues relating to our work and our dealings with both companies and individuals.

If there is a matter, perhaps of particular personal interest to you, that you feel has been incompletely addressed in this section, then please contact us and we will discuss your concerns. We are keen to ensure that our policies and procedures retain relevance and validity as best practice continues to evolve and we welcome constructive feedback at all times.

Candidate Charter Candidate Charter (PDF 58.45 kB)
Client Charter Client Charter (PDF 81.35 kB)
Code of Ethics Code of Ethics (PDF 51.20 kB)
Diversity and Equal Opportunities Diversity and Equal Opportunities (PDF 56.60 kB)
Environmental Environmental Policy (PDF 65.48 kB)
Privacy Privacy Policy (PDF 60.34 kB)
Disclaimer Disclaimer (PDF 50.08 kB)

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