Recruit ex-Forces Directors and Managers
“My meeting with you has been invaluable in helping to clarify several key issues for me to consider.”


Businesses are run by people who interact with other people. Recruitment is about finding individuals, judging fit and helping our clients make informed decisions to address specific issues. Our business is about people and our effectiveness relies on an open dialogue based on mutual respect and trust.

Relationships are fundamental to our approach and to our success. Relationships with clients give us a deep understanding of their needs and the context in which they operate. The more we understand about the background to a role, the better placed we are to work successfully on your behalf. Relationships with candidates enhance our ability to pick the right person for an opportunity, matching individuals with organisations in ways that take account of ambition and aspiration as well as expertise.

Good relationships and effective process go hand in hand in a way that takes our services well beyond a transaction-driven approach. With Heyman Woodworth you are working with highly competent and experienced consultants who appreciate the value of constructive engagement. You expect results, but more than that you expect that any recruitment work should be conducted in a way that will reflect well on you and your business. This is why we do what we do.

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