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31st July 08 - More interest in ex-Forces talent ...

With businesses in all sectors experiencing ever more competitive markets, coupled in many cases with increasingly challenging economic conditions, there has never been a greater requirement for organisations to ensure that every role and every person is being used to best effect. The pressures to produce results and exceed targets go on increasing as timescales continue to get shorter.

Here at Heyman Woodworth, we are happy to report that businesses continue to seek out and recruit directors and managers who can be relied upon to deliver successful outcomes, to lead and to manage effectively, and to find innovative ways through difficult and complex problems. Across all sectors the requirements are for versatile, adaptable, high capability individuals with strength and depth in both leadership and management skills. However, the high capability and potential must be seen to come at low risk. It is not enough to have the skills and capabilities to succeed in a role - an organisation will also need to believe that 'success' will be achieved and delivered consistently in ways that are appropriate for the style and culture of the business. A competitive recruitment process (and almost all of them are) will always consider risk as well as return when assessing what candidates have to offer, so a real appreciation of context is vital in comparing achievements, and a well-developed understanding of 'what it takes to achieve results around here' will be an important consideration for both candidates and employers.

As you know, our work spreads across several sectors and covers a range of executive and managerial roles - as well as a smaller number of non-executive appointments. The events of recent months have again confirmed that committed and capable individuals, who have spent at least part of their career in the Forces, are often well-regarded by employers. The challenge comes in ensuring that there is a proper understanding of transferable skills and an appreciation of the true relevance of an individual's experience, both military and commercial, to the opportunity being considered.

At Heyman Woodworth we continue to develop our relationships with client companies and with individuals. We are always keen to keep in touch, so that we can understand how situations are evolving and be aware of potential future developments. It helps us to know if you are happily settled or starting to think about what might come next, so don't wait until there is an urgent need to move on before you bring us up to date. Please do send us a short e-mail with updated contact details so that we know where you are.  Naturally, we will also be delighted to hear from you, or your colleagues, if you are looking to recruit additional people.

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