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1st January 09 - Ex-Forces Recruitment Consultancy that IS different for 2009

On behalf of the team at Heyman Woodworth, we would like to take this opportunity to send you our warmest wishes for the New Year.

Resourcefulness Matters
The events of recent months have certainly changed the climate for recruitment.  As in previous economic downturns a fall in volume has been accompanied by a shift of emphasis.  While the headlines are full of news of redundancies and headcount freezes, the underlying reality is that in spite of a net outflow of people, a limited amount of external recruitment is still continuing in many organisations.   Requirements relate to vital roles - where business success is directly linked to having exactly the right person in place.  Now, more than ever, each individual has to contribute.  It is not enough to be an efficient deliverer as the need is for resourceful, versatile individuals with the capacity to identify new solutions and the ability to take sound decisions in difficult circumstances. 

Focus  on Finding the Right People
Recruitment in this climate is an excellent opportunity to raise benchmark quality.  The identification, attraction and recruitment of talented individuals, often with rare skill sets, is not straightforward and calls for highly effective recruitment.  However, we are aware of feedback from several companies indicating that apparently sophisticated recruitment processes do not always deliver all the predicted benefits.  Evidently some systems are operated and measured in ways that result in impressive numbers of average candidates, but few - if any - individuals capable of delivering exceptional performance.

A Differentiated Approach
This is therefore a good time to remind you about Heyman Woodworth and Cardinal Resourcing – as we provide recruitment consultancy that IS different.  We don’t pretend to be the universal answer to all executive recruitment needs, but we are extremely effective niche consultants with a reputation for producing effective and successful candidates. 

We are often valued for adding an extra dimension to our clients’ external recruitment activity.  We believe this is due to the combination of our approach, with an emphasis on business partnerships that extend well beyond recruitment transactions, our differentiated referral networks and our access to a large pool of capable, high-quality, candidates.  We don’t deal in volume, but our approach means we can often succeed in filling ‘one-off’ or ‘difficult’ managerial and executive roles where some other recruitment firms might struggle. 

We focus on the ability to deliver outputs, moving beyond the sometimes narrow confines of role and person specifications.  As a result, we are able to introduce candidates who, by working in ways that the client organisation will consider appropriate and suitable, do get things done, do make things happen, and do make a difference to overall performance. 

Moving Forwards
We look forward to keeping in touch and – we hope – working with you during 2009.  In a rapidly evolving world no organisation ever benefits from standing still and we are confident that we can find the people who can help you move forwards in these demanding times. 

Happy New Year!

John & David

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