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2nd February 11 - Winning in Uncertain Times

Winning in Uncertain Times

In a world that requires rapid responses and a willingness to consider innovative solutions, it can be vital to be able to take advantage of newly emerging situations.  Effective leadership and management call for understanding and judgment. Efficient process might be relatively easy to measure, but without the application of judgement – deciding when to stick with a tried and tested set of processes and when to do something different – you run the risk of responding to this year’s challenges with last year’s plans.  Even worse, if a new opportunity appears in a slightly unfamiliar guise, you might not even understand what you are looking at until it is too late.

 Organised to succeed

In our work with different Boards and management teams, our approach to resourcing means that we are often involved in discussions about structure and organisation as well as recruiting.  Few would dispute that even the most able individuals will benefit from an environment and an organisation that is geared towards enabling excellent performance.  We come across a range of styles and approaches, but there are some points that emerge consistently as being important contributors to success.

 Board perspective

Board effectiveness is something of a hot topic, underlining the importance and value of robust, rigorous discussion of significant issues as part of normal Board process.  Expectations of good governance go far beyond compliance to include aspects of stewardship and a holistic approach to corporate responsibility.    Diversity, of thought and insight, is vital; the challenge is often how to incorporate true diversity into all areas of risk assessment and discussion.

 Fit for the future

If a Board isn’t fit for the future, is it really fit for purpose?  New appointments clearly need to take full account of strategic objectives and plans, but by itself that is not enough.  All companies continue to evolve and change, so it is important to have the Board’s structure and composition matched to current and future challenges rather than continuing to be based primarily on historic priorities.  This also links to the importance of distinguishing between operational management decisions and corporate Board decisions, a distinction that can become blurred if several Board members also have divisional or business unit management responsibilities.

 Context, credibility and character

Decisions on the suitability of any individual as a potential director, executive or non-executive, should be placed properly in the context of that particular organisation.  In addition to the general expectations and requirements of any Board member, what are the specific attributes that apply to a particular appointment?   What does it take for someone – anyone – to be able to influence others on the Board, either individually or collectively?  What combination of character and experience will be perceived as appropriate, by the rest of the Board and by other stakeholders?

 Moving ahead

At Cardinal Resourcing Group and at Heyman Woodworth, we concentrate on finding people who produce the right outcomes in the right ways, delivering success while being able to identify closely with an organisation’s values and overall objectives.  Our approach emphasises a business partnership with our clients that extends well beyond recruitment transactions to include an understanding of strategic goals and organisational context.  It is this wider awareness of both situation and requirement that enables us to focus on providing candidates who will make a difference and who can grow with the organisation as it evolves.


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