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1st February 08 - Always good to talk ...

As we rapidly move through the first quarter of this year, amongst new surroundings in Dartmouth Street, we continue to refine our approach to recruitment consultancy.

As we develop our understanding of resourcing issues we appreciate that the need to use each and every role in a business to best effect has never been greater.  We understand the need to recruit Directors and Managers who are often both innovative problem solvers and reliable performers.  Across all sectors the requirement is for versatile, adaptable, high calibre candidates with strength and depth in both leadership and management skills.

In addition to the never-ending but enjoyable task of both broadening and deepening our pool of talented individuals, we will be making further developments to our business and the way in which we work in 2008.  For example, enhancements to the website, more regular news articles and bulletins (perhaps the odd blog!) and development of the Cardinal Resourcing brand.

Whatever your situation, please continue to keep in touch with us during 2008.  It doesn’t matter if you are actively interested in recruiting, or in being recruited.  We really do value all of your updates whether to say you are thoroughly enjoying your job and have no intention of moving; that you might be looking; or ‘find me something new’.  We are of course always delighted to receive messages to say that you need more ex-forces movers and leavers to join your team or organisation.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Best Wishes, John & David

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