Recruit ex-Forces Directors and Managers
“I will not hesitate to recommend Heyman Woodworth in the future, to both HR management and job seekers alike.”

What we do

We provide executive recruitment services – search, selection, research projects and other ad hoc assignments – for a variety of client companies. The bulk of our business is within the UK although we regularly conduct assignments for roles around the world. In the recent past this has included positions in other European countries, USA and the Middle East.

We do what it takes to get it right. We have a candidate database, we conduct searches, we run advertisements. We can use one or all of these approaches as needs dictate, but we aren't restricted to any one methodology.

We are always happy to discuss potential requirements with existing and new clients. If we can help we will. However we don’t pretend to be the universal answer to all executive recruitment needs, so if we don't think we're the right people to deal with a particular situation we'll explain why and offer a constructive alternative.

We have built our reputation on matching corporate requirements with capable individuals. We are best known as a source of executive talent with a particular background – most of our candidates are ex-Forces officers with proven records as leaders and managers in a range of operational and business settings.

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